biPro at a glance*

biPro at a glance*

A pure whey protein isolate

biPro is a whey protein isolate that has been purified through a selective ion-exchange process, resulting in a purity level of 97% – one of the purest on the market. It is made with all-natural ingredients and its protein is sourced 100% from a whey protein isolate. No other protein or filler is added.

Efficient muscle recovery

biPro whey protein that naturally contains branched chain amino acids, helps in the formation of strong muscles and the body tissue repair. Highly purified, biPro whey protein is quickly and efficiently absorbed by muscles so that the body derives maximum benefit.

Improved workouts

Branched chain amino acids are directly absorbed by muscles during exercise instead of being metabolized by the liver. They therefore play an important role in muscle recovery by stimulating the synthesis of protein in muscles.

Thanks to this metabolic process that produces energy at the muscular level, the body can be physically active longer before fatigue occurs. Easy to digest, biPro is an excellent source of protein that provides healthy and active people with the essential elements to improve their physical performance and challenge their limits.

Smart choice

biPro products are all NSF certified for sport, which ensures that all the technical and procedural requirements associated with health safety are respected. The logo appearing on our products guarantees that they respect your desire to consume natural, healthy food. In short, biPro offers you a whey protein isolate simply made with naturally sourced ingredients that is easy to integrate into your favourite beverages or recipes every day.