Pure Whey Protein Isolate


110 Calories
0g Carbohydrates
0g Fat
27g Protein
0g Sugar

  • Pure protein
  • Efficient recovery
  • Improved endurance
  • Smart choice
  • Pure protein

    • 97% pure whey protein isolate
    • Made from 100% whey protein isolate, no other protein added
    • Made with few ingredients, all from natural origins
    • No fat, sugar, carbohydrates or gluten
    • Certified kosher
  • Efficient recovery

    • Rich in protein, including naturally essential branches chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are essential for muscle tissue repair and recovery
    • Quickly absorbed and easily to digest (99.8% lactose free)
  • Improved endurance

    • Enhance endurance to remain active longer
    • Ideal to optimize training
  • Smart choice

    • NSF certified for sport - doest not contain any illegal substances
    • Easy to integrate into recipes


biPro Unflavoured is a pure, high-quality protein supplement that provides active and healthy athletes with optimal muscle recovery. Unlike other products on the market, biPro Whey Protein Isolate contains no protein blends or undesirable ingredients – it is 97% pure - One of the purest WPIs on the Canadian market. Created through a unique selective ion-exchange purification process, biPro stands out by naturally containing branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are essential for muscle tissue repair and recovery.

biPro whey protein isolate is perfect for any recreational or competitive athletes, who seek to reach beyond their limits. biPro Unflavoured Whey Protein Isolate can be easily integrated into your daily routine for results you can see and feel. All biPro products are NSF Certified for Sport, so you can rest assured that they contain no banned substances.


Whey protein isolate (milk), sunflower lecithin.



Mix 1 heaping scoop of biPro whey protein isolate with 250 ml of cold water or skim milk, or add it to your favourite recipe.


**Take once or several times a day. Protein intake depends on the individual, body weight, level of physical activity and overall health.

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